How we do it – the Coaching bit

Our approach is discreet and confidential when working with you in a coaching relationship. We will work with you in a way that plays directly to your strengths and provides you with a ‘critical friend’.

Within the coaching relationship, the most important person is you. We respect this and commit to do whatever it takes legally and ethically to support you in achieving your stated outcomes.

In our experience what a person says they want is not always what they really need. To ensure that our business coaches provide the most appropriate level of coaching support we take the time to get really clear on exactly what it is you require and need.


How We Engage With You

To ensure that we provide the support you need in your business we start off by following a tried and tested method so our business coaches are crystal clear on the most appropriate way to work with you and your business as well as the areas that will require focused attention.

Prior to engaging with you on your coaching project we will….

  • First of all, we meet with you for a no obligation chat over a cuppa where will gain an understanding of the challenges you are facing and get an idea of what it is you really need.
  • A neutral location is preferred as it is more conducive to exploring what is really needed since it is common for the issues underpinning the coaching work to be rooted in the workplace.
  • Coaching is a very personal experience and so the business coach will agree with you whether or not we can work together. If either of us believes we cannot work together then we will endeavour to recommend a suitable alternative.
  • We will take the time to reflect on our conversation and develop a comprehensive proposal including the scope of work, costs, and timelines for your consideration. We will also advise on any grant support you may be entitled to.
  • We will leave you to choose whether or not you take the next step and engager us. There is no hard sell.
  • We will then get busy with you and deliver the work as outlined in our proposal once you have decided to proceed with us.
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