Level Selling

Sales is Dead – Long Live Sales

Fact: People will only buy from you or your company if they want to. It is impossible to sell anybody anything they do not want to buy, short of pressuring them or fooling them. Level Selling – Sales is Dead – Long Live Sales.

For me, it is about ethical selling and this is all about creating a space in which others feel comfortable and want to buy.

Level Selling

Tony Robbins said ‘We buy everything emotionally and then justify it logically’ [Citation on MJW Teranno]. On this basis, if we are to successfully engage with another person or the company they represent and also receive orders from them we need to understand their emotional buying motivations (EBM’s).

To do so it is essential that we are clear on which level of emotional engagement our target clients are at. For the most part, people and organisations tend to fall into one of six categories. An individual operating at level one will have a very different EBM to an individual at level six.  As a result, will need a very different approach.

Level Selling


Identifying the level a client or customer is at and then pitching appropriately will optimise the chances of success.  When encouraging others to buy from you. Those who are flexible across the six levels of EBM will generally be successful.  This will be across a range of sectors, organisations and individual types.

Those who are less flexible in this regard will tend to gravitate towards specific sectors, organisations or individual types.



  1. A client or customer in the first category will tend to make necessary purchases at the time they are needed.
  2. Those in the second category will tend to again buy what is necessary and when it is needed.  They will tend to plan a little further ahead and be more loyal to you as a supplier.
  3. Those in the third category will tend to dominate the sales experience.  They will want to negotiate the best deal for themselves.
  4. Those in the fourth category will tend to have a more formal approach.  They will generally have purchasing policies and procedures.
  5. Category five buyers will also tend to dominate the sales experience.  They will generally be more aligned with making the best purchase for their company.
  6. Those in the sixth category will generally take a more holistic view.  They will be interested in the provenance of the goods as well as the overall impact their purchase will have on those around them.

Your first job before you even mention the products or services you are selling is to identify which categories your customers fall into.

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12th April 2018