Performance Management

Performance is the name given to the measurement of achievement against predetermined objectives, targets or standards. Management is the art of facilitating the effective operation of a business or department to deliver planned performance results.

Performance management is a competence which allows stakeholders in a process or service to understand where interventions need to be made to deliver previously determined results.

As the largest contributing factor in an organisation, the team and their performance ultimately leads to the success or failure of an organisation.

As a Leader the responsibility is held not only to create the strategic objectives but to communicate them with the team and develop the team so that they are able to deliver these strategies.

Performance Management is Used To…

•Monitor the processes which are there to help achieve the activities contained in the service plan.
•Highlight where managers need to intervene to make ensure the activities are delivered successfully.

performance management

Performance Management Drives Overall Business Improvement.

Good performance management finds out what’s missing and puts it in place.

A good leader finds out what’s missing and puts it in place.

performance management

It is essential that performance management…

  • Is driven from the top and not delegated.
  • Links vision, mission and strategy with strategic measures and performance measures.
  • Includes the connections with the cause and effect chain i.e. the linkages across the organisation.
  • Is part of the day job and straight forward in operation.

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How We Can Support You

We can support you to find solutions to your performance management, to find out what’s not working and making changes.  Creating consistency across your business and ensuring you have the resources that are required so that your people can use the tools properly.

We work with your leaders and managers to support and help each employee to do their job even more efficiently.

We help you to:

  • Find out what is stopping people performing & what gets in the way.
  • Join up the processes with the people.
  • Recruit the right people for the job – people who can perform.
  • Implement a meaningful performance appraisal system.
  • Understand the capabilities of a person or machinery and source relevant training.
  • Establish communication routes & service level agreements.

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Developing your business processes are key to creating sustainable business growth. Some areas to focus on when developing your processes are:

- Create standards and procedures throughout your business.
- Ensure there are communication channels to ensure each team member is aware of these standards and procedures.
- Streamline communication between people and departments to accomplish specific tasks.
- Create feedback loops to ensure continuous improvement.

Contact us to find out how we can support you and your business. Details in our bio. #businessgrowth #processdevelopment
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